Caln Pizza And Pasta - Caln Village Shopping Center, Downingtown, PA 19335
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Downingtown • Caln Village Shopping Center

Caln Pizza And Pasta
Caln Pizza And Pasta

Caln Pizza and Pasta     main website

• Neapolitan Thin Pizza
• Sicilian Thick Pizza
• Slices Thick & Thin Pizza
• White Pizza
• Mark's Specialty Pizza
• Toppings
anchovies, black olives, canadian bacon, garlic, green peppers, ground beef, ham, hot peppers, meatballs, mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, sausage, sweet peppers, bacon
Stromboli's & Calzone
• Steaks, Hoagies
• Char-Broiled Sandwiches - Burgers and Chicken
Daily Pasta Special
Salads & Choice of Dressings
Side Orders
Party Specials
Pasta Trays
Hoagie Trays
Salad Trays
Daily Specials

Here at Caln Pizza And Pasta, we are proud to say we are a family owned Pizzeria with a commitment to serve and value in the family tradition.

We thank you for choosing Caln and we are happy to serve you!